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In 1834, James Allen Gowdey established Gowdey Reed Company in Providence, Rhode Island to supply the textile industry with loom reeds for use in woolen, silk and cotton mills. Gowdey Reed soon established a reputation for timely, reliable service and unparalleled quality of product. James’ son, David, served a rigorous apprenticeship beginning in 1842. His enthusiasm, inventiveness and ingenuity were rewarded in 1847, when his father ceded control, renaming the company J. A. Gowdey & Son, as was customary.

David’s talent for design and attention to quality details propelled the company to be the largest industrial reed manufacturer in the United States, as well as the oldest in North America. Continuing the “hands on” approach that brought its early success, the company continued to evolve and thrive.

In 1900, James Wilson, a master reed maker with an exemplary reputation throughout the industry, acquired Gowdey Reed Company. Today, his great grandson Jim Wilson, also a master reed maker in addition to being President and General Manager of the company, carries on the tradition of quality and personal attention to production that began almost two centuries ago.

Gowdey Reed Company has undergone many changes over the years, but dedication to product excellence and superlative customer service have remained, and will continue to be, hallmarks of its long and distinguished tradition.

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